How to Use Jio Sim in 3G Doongle or Device

Trick to use Jio Sim in Windows Phone, doongle or mode it’s 100% Working Method, verified by jio google team 

Hi Guys, jio google is back with a new trick for windows phone users, by using trick you can able to use Reliance Jio Sim card in your windows phone. If you don’t have android smarthone, you can use this trick for using jio sim card in your windows phone without any problem

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In this post jio google will share 2 trick for all of you 1st one is “Use jio sim in windows phone” and 2nd one is Use jio sim in doongle without hotspot so this is very intresting trick and i hope you all like this post after reading it. So without lossing more time lets start start the trick

Here is trick to use Jio Sim in Windows Phone

In these days Reliance jio is a very femous sim card because its giving Unlimited 4G internet access for till 30th decembor 2016, not only this even jio user can call to any number in india without any balance, no need to pay anything for voice calling

Requirment to use jio sim in windows phone

  • Reliance jio sim card
  • Windows phone
  • Some basic knowledge

To use jio sim in windows phone

  1. Open Cellular Data from settings
  2. Click on Sim Settings option and select 4G mode
  3. Now create a new apn settings
  4. Type, APN Jionet, IP Type: IPv4
  5. Save changes and done!!

Congrats, well done! Now wait till coming LTE network and when its come, start using internet for free

How to use jio sim in 3G doongle

  1. First of all visit here and register an account
  2. Enter your name, number and mail id
  3. Verify your number and mail id
  4. Then you will see a option “Use jio sim in 3G doongle” just click on it
  5. That’s it. now use jio sim in 3G doongle

To use jio sim in doongle or modem

  1. Put jio sim in your doongle or modem
  2. Now wait till connecting
  3. Once it successfilly connected, create a new apn
  4. Type name: jiogoogle and apn jionet
  5. Leave all filed as blank and save

That’s all, now try to use internet and let us know if you have any others questions

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