How to Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link


You are searching a way to Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link? or Trick to generate whatsapp group invitation link? if so, then today i will share easy guide to do that

How to create whatsapp group invitation link
Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

You might be seen nowadays many people sharing a link to you and when you click that link, automatically you will entry to a her group so you maybe think how is it possible? really is there any way to Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link ? and you check all settings and option, there is no any option available to Create Whatsapp Group Link

Actually i am also searching many times on google and finally today i found 100% working tricks which i am going to share with all of you.

How to Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Here is only one app available which will help you to Generate Whatsapp Group Invite Link called GB Whatsapp. So you have to install GBWhatsapp APK for this tutorial

If you having a group on whatsapp and you want viral that group then you have to generate your whatsapp group link for public so that members can easily join to your group without knowing your mobile number, so this is the best thing to viral your whatsapp group

Steps to Create Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

  1. At first Download GB Whatsapp APK from here
  2. Open GB Whatsapp and launch it on your phone
  3. Create new whatsapp or backup your old account
  4. Now select the group which you wold like to make invitation link
  5. Click on Menu icon and open group info
  6. Then, you will see a option called “Invite Group via Link” click on
  7. That’s it. Successfully generated whatsapp group link

So its very easy to Generate Whats App Group Invitation Link, i hope you have successfully generated your group link, now come to 2nd point, how you can join others group via link. I will show you that also

How to Join Whatsapp Group via Invitation Link

  1. Click on the link of the group that you want to join
  2. Make use you have installed whatsapp before clicking the link
  3. Now a pop-up will appear, select whatsapp and wait
  4. Now you will automatically added to that group
  5. That’s all! Making Easy & Joining Easy

Hope this post you like it, have any questions, suggestion related this article? do let us know by using comment section.

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